I live in the northern Poland in the city of Elblag.
Elblag is a quite small city, but there's a lot of interesting places to see such as: the Old City, St. Nicholas Cathedral, and the City Gate.
In Elblag there is a lot of parks. I really like jogging so I enjoy it!
Besides monuments in Elblag you can find a lot of places to hang out and have fun. There is a bowling club, a lot of pubs and a big movie theater. I like living here ;)

Warsaw is the capital and the largest city in Poland. Warsaw is located in the central part of the country. In Warsaw there's nothing you can't do. This is the media, political and historical center of Poland. A lot of monuments, modern skyscrapers and fantastic people make this city very special :)
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Village where I live is very cool.
There are many places of amusement parks and sports fields for youth.
Nice to spend time here!

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Polish capital of Warsaw is.
This is a very big town of a huge number of inhabitants.
We find here the presidential palace, parliament.
The park Lazienki You can spend your free time.
Again in the gallery golden terraces can spend the day shopping.
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