Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

One day I went on a trip around the world. It was my dream! I am delighted by what I saw there.April 12 I went to Warsaw coach. The first stop was in Europa Park in Germany! many wonderful attractions in the amusement park happily me.I was very tired, but wanted to go further. next stop was Hiszpaia and port from which sailed for a few days to be in the United States. already visited the United States took into account toward the Chinese culture to know was there. I believe that a most interesting thing was there!
China's most intrigued me, the people there dress and style of their life. This was very interesting, but had yet to visit Australia. Unfortunately, Australia did not find anything that might be of interest to me. The next stop was Africa.
men of the people are not very rich and very trudnp is to communicate with them. Once I was able to explain to them what I wanted I had to leave this magnificent continent. Despite appearances, the people there are very intelligent.
I returned from Africa by plane to Warsaw. The trip was wonderful! I recommend to all!