Imagine you stayed with friends in Canada for two weeks.
They taught you to ski. Write a letter to thank them.
Include the following information: (140–180 words)
• Apologize for not writing earlier and give a reason why.
• Thank them for your stay and say how you feel about
learning to ski.
• Tell them what you’ve been doing recently.
• Invite them to stay with you and suggest what you can
do together when they visit.
Proszę o pomoc. Muszę napisać ten list



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Maggie and Tom!
Thank you for these two weeks which I could spend with you. It was really nice time.
I am sorry for now writing for such a long time, but when I came back to Poland I started to work in restaurant. I was at work nearly all days so I did not have time to write any letters or do anything else.
I still think of my ski lessons. I have never been such excited as during these lessons. Now I can try it in Poland, but I am very sad, because I have to wait until winter comes.
Recently I finished my work, so I had enough time to visit my old friends and my grandparents. They were very happy to see me.
I hope you will visit me soon, I invite you for your holiday to Poland. I will take you to our Polish mountains that you can see the diferences between Polish and Canadian environment.
I am looking forward to see you soon.
Take care,
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