Volleyball isn't a kind of sport discipline with giant traditions, like soccer or golf. For the first time it was played in USA in XIX/XX century. At the beginning know as 'minonette', then renamed during one of the first matches. Since then it's called 'volleyball'. This sport get to Europe and South America rather fast. The game isn't complicated. All a player needs to do is to return a ball gently. To play a game there are some players and a net necessary. It's a rather safe sport, but you incur injury as well. You can learn it even at the backyard. It's mostly played at schools and sports club. There's also a sand volleyball, which is played on the sand playgroung or on the beach.
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My favorite sport is football.
I have spare time like this with my colleagues on the pitch in her play.

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Moim ulubionym sportem jest piłka nożna .
Jak mam wolny czas to z kolegami na boisku w nią gram .