My favorite activity or hobby is soccer. I can play with her like never before. A few moments of relax my body. Each kick the ball is amazing for me. Soccer is for me a wonderful life and relax. This is my only hobby, and never change my

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Everybody in the world have hobby. That makes you feel happy,
strong and optimistic. Well, I'm writing this article about my hobby.
The music is one of the things that human wouldn't live without. In our world are so many people who make the music. I do it, too.
With playing on my keyboard.
I found my hobby when I was a little child. I didn't think that I will take part in ,,playing on keyboard lessons". I have had over 20 lessons so far. Now I can play around 20 songs or maybe more. I really like it.
So, what do you think about my hobby? I think it's so fantastic!
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