Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Television is a useful thing. It can learn a lot of interesting events that are happening in the world and meet famous people too. Another good side of television is that it is a big choice of channels to watch, are even in foreign languages, so you can expand your vocabulary, for example: English.
TV is in itself quite a lot of useful things, but the huge downside is that it is quite a lot of ads, which are repeated every day after every film, which is really annoying and disturbing. To prevent this, we can simply turn off the TV, to save the nerves. Another advantage of television is that we can take a little time, and, above all, do not be bored. There are many channels that you might like. There are channels of fairy tales, comedies, and many others. In conclusion to the very end of my speech, I can say that television is the average. That has its advantages but also drawbacks.
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The TV set has a lot + and -. He is good, because thanks to him it is possible to watch many films interesting and teaching us or of documents. We can learn what animals live on our planet what are eating, what their environment of the life is. We can learn also what weather will be tomorrow whether too daydzień. We will also learn what happened in the recent week. Minuses are the fact that from longer watching the TV set eyes can go bad for us. There are also inappropriate films there for dorołsłych which children cannot examine. Everyone can znależć for oneself program on television suitable for his character traits or his interests.
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