Napisz 10 zdań o swojej podróży(może być zmyślona). odpowiedz na następujące pytania:
1.when and where did you go?
2.what was the weather like?
3. how did you travel?
4.what happened on your journey?
5.what did you take with you?

ma być w czasie past simple plisss!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I went to England on 20 March. The weather was excellent. The sun was shining and it was quite warm.
Once I was on the spot, I started exploring what is the best known. I went to the museum
On Wednesday I went to the store to buy a few souvenirs, I had to buy something as a souvenir, will not go back after home with nothing.
I was there with my friends: Maciek and Martin, who until admired the views of England
I was in Bulgaria. My travel was in April 09'. Weather was very nice. Sun was very hot. My travel did two weeks. I met in Bulgaria new friends. I swam in the sea and swimming pool. I was ran on the beach.

Przepraszam, ale nie wiem, co oznacza podpunkt 5. :)
I went into the travel to Greece. There was a heat there very much. tasted different delicacies for me. for first under the hot sky of Greece he grows, he is ripening and a countless amount of vegetables of herbs and fruits is gaining the good taste. Secondly - the sea giving tastiest fish to people, shrimp, octopi and bivalves. Thirdly - earth, from tops, on hillsides of which flocks of sheep, through valleys covered are grazing with olive groves, with patches of vegetables and vineyards. Culinary traditions both finally dating back to the antiquity and passed on from the generation to generations.

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