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Zad 9
1. Karen and Doctor Tessa Dale
2. cosmentic surgery.( nie jestem pewna)
3. Tv shows such as Extreme makeover or Iwant a Famous Face encourage young people to perfect their looks or even to change them so that they look like their favourite singer or star.
4.She do't like her nose and ears because thir are too big.
5.They thing they are unusally ugly.
6.She warn them of all the risk and pain, and the high costs of the operation.

Zad 7
What I have learnt from the text about plastic surgery?

I can learnt about plastic surger that we can't risk our lifes to be beauty and we must pay for this. Nobody's perfect. We don't have to had a beautifull body to feel comfortable.

What I know about plastic surgery??

I know that after this surgery you'll have a beautifull face or body but you must also pay a big money to be beauty.
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