Bardzo proszę o napisanie mi prezentacji maturalnej z jezyka angielskiego na temat "swojego hobby":)
najbardziej interesuje mnie jazda konna oraz zbieranie znaczków :) to hcciałabym najbardziej rozwinąc, proszę o pomoc
tres ta ,musi miec conajmniej ..270 slow:)



My favorite hobby thing for which I am able to spend many more are horseback riding and gathering stamps. These two things are different, however, horse-riding is relaxing, and collecting stamps to kill time. I have a great collection, versatile and original stamps from different years, even with the previous century. I appreciate this job because it is an escape from evil thoughts, which often happens to me in my life full of stress. Fighting stops intended to rely on a few moments when I put stamps in the place of honor in the album. Horseback riding is also very same effect on me, because I can open the attachment to the world, then I feel that he was alive and that the world outside the gray reality conceals its bright rays of bright light. Fullness of life means to me doing what I love, namely the above-mentioned collection of stamps and a relaxed riding. Both these activities are important in my life.