Pomóżcie! Pleas bo to na dzisiaj niestety mam:(
Napisz wypracowanie do wyboru:
a) If you were an animal, which animal would you like to be and why?
b) If you had to live abroad, which country would you choose and why?
c) If you were given 3 wishes, all of which would come true, what would you wish for?
d) If you could change one thing about yourself/your family. What would it be?

no i Tak gdzieś 150-200 słów żeby było najlepiej;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
2)My biggest dream is to visit the United States of America.
One of the largest and powerful country in the world, where the dreams come true ;)
The first place that I would like to visit in USA is Los Angeles, CA.
I'd like to see Beverly Hills, Hollywood Boulevard with the walk of fame and Venice beach.
Being in Los Angeles is also a chance to meet celebrities. I'd love to meet Brad Pitt or Matt Damon ;)
Another place in USA where I'd like to go is Las Vegas, NV.
I love going to the clubs, hanging out with people that's why I think Vegas will be an ideal place for me;)
Besides LA and Vegas I'd like to visit New York City.
I'm intrested in economy and Art. Wall street and Broadway are places that I want to see.
I hope someday I'll have an opportunity to visit USA.

mam nadzieje,ze tyle starczy.