Mamy wybrać 3 rzeczy, które ostatnio kupiliśmy, niech to będzie: książka, gazeta i film DVD...

What made you buy it?
Yesterday I got the pocket money and today i want to relax - in my opinion a film DVD is a good choice.

What is a need or a want?
Only a free time is needed. Then you can read this book/newspaper/ watch DVD.

Did you buy it for long term or short term of use?
I was buy this things for short term of use, because i haven't got a lot of free time.

What is a service or goods?
I like to relax with my favourite book. Reading books or newspapers calms me down.

Did you buy it for your personal use?
Yes, i like to read/watch DVD alone.

Did you think it was good value?
Yes, because I bought it on the price reduction
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