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zad 3
from, at, at, from, from, at
zad 4
3 phrase
4 arrived
5 on
6 in
7 in
8 suntan
9 to
10 from
11 in
12 back

zad 5
She's arleady got a new passport
She's arleady bought book ticket
She hasn't check train times yet.
She's arleady bought foreigh currency.
She hasn't looked for backpack yet.
She hasn't packed suitcase yet.

zad 6
2. The plane has just landed
3. Sam's just felt the pool
4. We've just visited a museum.
5. My mobile's just broke so I borrowed Sam's

zad 1
1.c 2.a 3.b

zad 2
2. Do you know what time the bus leave?
3. Do you know is it going arrived on time?
4. Could you tell me if he asked you about the ticket?
5. Can you tell me how long the tour take?
6. Could you tell us will she be back here tomorrow?
7. Do you know what they sell in the gift shop?
8. Do you know if they been here before?

zad 3
2. What was she say?
3.How much it cost to get in?
4. Has she missed the last train?
5.Where is the concert hall?
6.When the next train leaves?

zad 4
Kate: Good morning. Can I help you?
Gillian: Could you tell me which tram goes to the swimming pool, please?
Kate: Yes, of course. You need the seven, to West Park.
Gillian: The seven to West Park, right. Could you tell me where the nearest tram stop is ?
Kate: It's two minutes from here, along New Road.
Gillian: Ahd when is the pool open?
Kate: It's open every day from 10 am to 8 am.
Gillian:Oh, good so it's open now. Do you know how much t costs to go in?
Kate: Yes, it's eight euros. Anything else?
Gillian: No, that's all. Thanks for your help.

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