Ułóż zdania z tymi wyrażeniami:

1.popular demand
2.to stand still
3. extra cash
4. art form
5. crowd pleaser
6. spare time
7.tourist attraction
8. to have an experience
9. public nuisance
10. to belive one's eyes
11. street performer
12. second look



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
2.You have to stand still
3.My dad made extra cash
4.Painting is my mum's favourite art form
5. It was realy crowd pleaser!
6.We will spare time if we do it tomarrow
7.This old church is the only tourist attraction in our town.
8.We cut the frog to have an experience
9.His behavior was a public nuisance
10.They had to beliwe one's eyes.
11.I didn't like that street performer
12. She falled in love for second look