Ułóż opowiadanie używając wszystkich podanych poniżej słów nie zmieniając jej formy , możesz, równiesz dodać swoje słowa.:
10 nours: cat, dog, boy, girl, mouse, friends, book, pen, double-deckerbus,snake
10 verbs: be, have, can, eat, read, write, build, say, run, go
10 ajds: good, bad, nice, beatiful, crazy, big, red, blue, shy, angry



My every day is the same. I wake up very early and eat my breakfast. Next I ride to school by double-deckerbus. At scool I read many poems from my english book. At maths lessons I always bored so very often I pretend that my blue pen is a snake or mouse. Than one of my friends make from his rubber a cat, wich try to eat pen-mouse. It is a very nice play. After school I always meet the charming boy named Cris. I am very shy girl, so when I see him I always run away. When I come home I have a dinner. Between very good soup, and very bad main course I must go for a walk with my big and crazy dog. I am very angry because when I come back main course is cold. In my city there are very beautiful sunset so every evening I watch big red sun from my window and go sleep.