The pigeon this one of traditional Polish dishes on Christmas. Our eve not should oneself without him by-passes.
cabbage's head
400g rice
4 onions
20g dried mushrooms
oil to frying
sol and pepper to taste
concentrate or tomato paste

We soak with evening, day before doing pigeons in pot from water dried mushrooms. We boil morning it to softness.

Large pot (such to which cabbage's head will hold inch) we in 1/2 fill up with water , we salt and we bring to boiling. Cabbage cleaned from top we rinse under current water leaf and we put to pot (idiot to mountain) so, to possibly how the greatest her part be plunged. We in cabbage corn - cob beat in fork about sharp teeth, we with which will immobilize cabbage. We cut off with knife cabbage leaf at only base and we separate him from head gently. Let have a swim moment in cooking continually on small fire water, and us in this time do the same from next leaf. Burnt list we arrange on second one on plate convex side towards mountain, to dripped from water and they cooled.

We boil rice, we fry onion and we chop boiled mushrooms. We stir together, we season to taste with salt and pepper. From cabbage leaves cut off the gently largest callosities, they would not pierce them so. On so prepared list we put on stuffing and we wrap up ( we fold to centre two opposite sides first and we later roll up in roll).

We arrange in dish pigeons on one from top lists. Heat-proof dishes the best are suitable on pigeons' baking, stone or whole from metal (without ebonite). When pot is full pigeons salt it with top lightly and give on top a bit concentrate or tomato paste, to they did not overcook list. We flood pigeons water to half of height of pot, we cover with next cabbage leaf and put to hot oven on about hour.

Powinno Być Dobre ;]
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Pierogi ruskie ;)

400 g flour
2 egg yolks
3 / 4 cup lukewarm water
For the filling:
750 g potatoes
250 g quark
2 onions
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon oil
salt, pepper

Cooking: Peel the potatoes and boil in salted water.
Peel onions, chop and fry in butter with garlic. Combined with the milled curd,
przetartymi potatoes. Season with much salt and pepper.
With the flour, egg yolks and a little salt water and knead dough, manufacture
przze them about 5 minutes. Then thinly roll, a large glass
cut circles. For each of them put a spoonful of stuffing and
exactly stick. Boil a large quantity of boiling water with salt
a bit of oil until they float to the surface.

notes: Serve with fried onions

mogłabym prosić tłumaczenie również po polsku z góry dziękuję