If I was rich is my ideal home would be a huge three-storey building. Home to find himself before a large swimming pool in the shape of the refrigerator. My bed was by the size of trucks, a sauna the size of most homes. I would like to be rich, dreams come true.

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The house of my dreams is located at the seaside near the beach.I can see many seagulls and I can hear hyde of the waves there.This house is not very big,it have brown doors and the windows have green frames and many beautifull flowers in the coloured pots.I have all necessary accessories in my kitchen so I can cook anything I want.My sitting room is the biggest lodging in my house so I can invite many friends here.It have one fireplace ,few armchairs and one table in the middle.When someone come up to the window he can see the sea and people swimming in the water.I have no problem with washing my clothes because I have two washing machines.When i feel sleepy I can go to my bedroom where I have big bed with blue bedding.When I wake up I feel rested and I'm ready to begin the new day.