Messi with the ball started it adventure very early. In the century he already played 5 years in Club Gandoli led by the father, later he stopped the youth team by Newell's Old Boys' which the brother also played him in. Then Messi'm became interested in River Plate. On medical tests however they discovered, that in bones Messi'ego he is sorting certain hormones, and their lack is making the normal development of the footballer impossible. The treatment turned out to be very expensive and it wasn't on neither a family of the footballer nor no club can afford in Argentina. For Messi'ego it could spell the end of the career if not for beneficial Barcy help which became interested in the young competitor. Messi during it first match in colours of Barcelona scored 5 goals and he enraptured with abilities therefore Barca at once agreed to put the cash in for the treatment. The costly treatment very much helped and Messi in the short time in the second Barcy team scored 37 goals. In season 2003 - having 2004 16 years, Messi ranked the debut in the first team of Barcelona playing in the sparring with the port wine which was a match of opening the new Dragao stadium. In 2004 he was asked by the Spanish Football Federation to represent their colours. However Messi disagreed, staying faithful for homeland. on 8 October Messi received the chance of the debut in the first team of Barcelona against Espanyol for Barcelona.This meeting closed with the Barcy victory 1: 0, and admittedly Messi accessed the converter but he showed entire one's class talent worth the champion. Messi repeatedly astonished with one's rallyes, with easiness with which he beat opponents, playing without the pressure. Rapid progresses caused that Messi quickly had turned up at youth representatives of Argentina and he came out with her to the world championships at- 20 which were held in Netherlands. Thanks to him Argentina won the world championship title at- 20 and Lionel became the top scorer and the best footballer of championships. Later the time came to the adult representation of Argentina and the dream debut, against the representation of Hungary however which wasn't excellent. The young footballer received the red card after 30 seconds of the game. However this event exerted the gigantic influence on the current game Messi'ego which pleases now taking us back more and more most successes around Barcą. Barcelona could not drop a tasty morsel this way for front clubs of Europe and quickly she offered Messi'emu contract to 2014 and promise of the game in the first composition. Messi became the biggest Barcy star beside famous Ronaldinho. Now Messi is saying that he is admiring his countryman, of Pablo Aimara, he is a favourite of fans to Camp Nou and all signs in the sky and they are telling the earth that he will be an excellent footballer and permanently he will become part of the history of the world football. And let's hope so, let us have high hopes, that Messi'emu a soda water won't hit to the head and he won't waste this exceptional talent.
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