Napiszcie i-mail po angielsku o swojej szkole do kolegi z Wielkiej Brytanii, z którym korespondujesz. Napisz:
powitanie ,nagłówek
Introdaction - pierwszy akapit, najważniejsze informacje, co u nas słychać, pytamy co słychać u odbiorcy
Main Body - wszystkie informacje do przekazania
Paragraph 1 - O szkole, kiedy zaczynają się i kończą lekcje
Paragraph 2 - Co robią uczniowie podczas przerw
Paragraph 3 - O nauczycielach i uczniach
Paragraph 4 - O tym jak musi być ubrana do szkoły
Paragraph 5 - o zasadach obowiązujących w szkole
Evding - np. Love, Kamila.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
how are you? I am very happy with your e-mail. Terribly happy with the news that your parents agreed to at the end of the dog. In me, there is in this case no progress ...

Today I would like to tell you a little about my school. Classes usually start at 8 am and finish around 15-16 in the afternoon.

At intervals, all usually talk about what willy-nilly. Boys often run and fight, but rarely seriously.

Students at our school are normal, some others are nice too much energy. What the teachers have to admit that the majority is really cool. Unfortunately, there are exceptions to these lessons and knows how to blow coolness ...

In school, we do not have to wear uniforms of which are very glad.

In school to maintain order method is used points, negative and positive. Depending on how many you get such an assessment of behavior at the end of the semester.

See you soon.