Read the rubic andanswer the questions.

An international school magazine wants students to write an article about a museum in their country (60-80 words)

1.What are you going to write?
2.Who is going to read it?
3.How many paragraps are you going to write ?

Jak ktoś zamierza odpowiedzieć niech mi napisze wiadomośc to ja mu prześlę przykład takiej wypowiedzi.
Słownictwo na poziomie 1 klasy gimnazjum :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Wilanów palace, in Warsaw, Poland is one of the most beautiful museums in this country. The building of palace was made in 1696 for king Jan III Sobieski. In 1995 it became for the museum. Apart from the palace there is more than 30 monuments. In the palace there is many beatutiful, old and very expensive furniture and paintings. Everithing inside are made of gold and marble (marmur). Outside of the palace there is 90 hectare garden with many sculptures and big pond. This is the place what you should see.
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