State which is a parliamentary republic in Central Asia.
The length of land borders
* China: 4677 km * Russia: 3485 km * Total: 8162 km Lack of access to the sea. * Lowest point: Chöch Nuur - 518 * m highest point: Summit Khüiten Peak - 4374 m
The earliest information about the history of Mongolia from the Chinese annals. In the fourth century BC in the areas inhabited by Mongolian, Turkish and tunguskich nomadic Xiongnu was a strong state, by many scientists who are considered ancestors of Huns. It collapsed in the first century BC as a result of internal struggles and stress of the Chinese Army. Huns (if it was their country) went down to the west and a few centuries later came to Europe, thus contributing to the fall of Rome.
Xiongnu seized the southern part of China, and North took possession of Turkish and Mongolian nomads. They included, inter alia, Rouran, who according to some theories were the ancestors of the Avars, who invaded in the sixth century Europe. At the same time, the inhabitants of Mongolia freed themselves from Chinese domination. In the eleventh century, took power over the steppes protomongolski Kitanów strain. Their reign ended in 1125, when they conquered the Tunguska Dżurdżenów strain, which was an ally Tatars..