Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Everyone of us interested in different things. One likes to be in a hurry, wants a lot of challenges, another one prefers something calmer like clerical work.
If I got the proposal to be a journalist, I would accept it without a second thought. I think that this interesting job can deliver us amazing impressions. Journalist must travel around the world, they gain experience, have a contact with another culture, language. All of this things make a jounalist richer with the experiences. Someone who carries this profession out must learn, must be onboard and just know what is going on with many things which are up-to-date. Being all the time in a hurry, busy and having a lot of pursuit means that there's no time to be boring. On the other hand, there's one thing which can't be avoided in this job when jouralist's married. Then people are separated from each other for a longer time. But, when people are relly in love, they can understand and must think about future.
At the end, there's more advantages to be a jouralist. A job with flexible time working sounds to be interesting for many people.