Our world in 100 years will look very strange. People without friends will be able to buy robots that in a similar way as a man will behave, and serve as a good company. Learn to cook, clean, wash and many other chores. And create artificial animals. Will listen in a particular way, and learn quickly. The whole Earth will be surrounded by a special coating that will protect people from the various gases and meteors that will fall on the planet, quite often. Beneath the surface of the earth will be in different laboratories and corridors dedicated instant train journeys. A hundred years the world will be a lot more modern things. People will become wiser. Invent new machines that will make life easier. It may also improve safety.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I close my eyes and try to imagine our world in a hundred years. First of daily life. In addition to the people stroll the streets will look like living creatures do. Man alone, without friends, will be able to make a friend or more in a special shop. Such a mechanical companion talk, tell jokes, and also cleaned the house and cook dinner. For people who like animals, but not the related responsibilities, the better solution would be mechanical pet. Kitty-robot will be fluffy and cuddly to the touch, but it will not be cleaned after the cuvette. The mechanical dog will paw and gave faithfully looked into the eyes, but you will not need to break at five in the morning to take him out for a walk. Land will be closed in a special plastic coating. Serious meteorites will be about her break, and deadly gases humans will not be able to get it. Transportation will be fast, comfortable and safe. Stunningly fast trains will be thrust into land and oceans, will overtake the speed of light planes, and cars are so spacious and comfortable that even a long journey becomes a pleasure.Household will have many more features. Instead of going to bed, we can press a button and the bed przysunie to us. On the bench the school each student will become computer connected to fast internet. Instead of eating will be small capsules, one adds strength and energy throughout the day. Of course, there are still restaurants where gourmets can enjoy traditional food. Bored Earth, will be able to go on a trip into space, the moon or on Mars. Love will pick up a first date on Venus, planet of love.Of course, the future may be less happy. Mad scientists will play with genes, and "produce" strange, unlike anything of creation. Explode the war and many people will die, unable to defend themselves against the most modern, lethal weapons. People lose faith in God and the immortality of his soul. Also, the nature of revenge for years of disregard of its ancient laws - the glaciers melt and the water sinks cities, countries, or even continents. Cosmic rays on the human race will bring new diseases and painful death. With very few survive a global catastrophe, they will have to begin the construction of human civilization from scratch. Fortunately, such apocalyptic vision does not need to be achieved. If people cease to argue, the religions of the world unite and stop selfishly richest race for the next billion dollars, the disaster might not come. That children are the future of the world, so both parents and the state should pay special attention to the wise and responsible upbringing of children. Politicians should not save for education, and parents should always find time to talk with their children. If everyone will be guided by the principle of the common good and the beautiful love commandment "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself", the world has a chance to look forward to a beautiful future.

Pisałam podobne wypracowanie na ten temat, więc masz moją pracę, tylko, że przełożyłam na angielski. Myślę,że się przyda i życzę powodzenia.

Everything will explode
we will die everyone
there will be no animals
everyone will be unemployed
there will be no vehicles
earth is exploding
it will be sorting oxygen
here will be no houses
lack of the electricity
water is missing