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a)an explanation of the students behaviour
B)cheating doesn't pay
C)an example of punishment
D)cheating as somethong dishonourable
E)modern technology as a threat to honesty at school
F)shameful statistics
G)new methods to stop plagiarism britian cheating in exams or school work is not just seen by the authorities as undesirable it is seen by the students themselves as offensive .if you copy somebody else's
essay you're not just taking objective data from them you're actually nothing less than their own personal style and ideas .so to cheat in the british way of thinking is seen like plagiarism as somehow shameful. to cheating polish students do not have a good international reputation. an informal study carried out by English teachers in the late 1990s confirms this view. if found that 93,3 % of students admitted to cheating at somr time during the previous academic year. cheating , is seems , is widespread in polish educational establishments polish schools , cheating is ignored. from a very early age , polish children have to acquire a frightful amount of knowledge and the weight of the books they have to carry to school and back would drive a camel to suicide .cheating , therefore , can be viewed as a natural defence mechanism against the system ,but if we go deeper we will see that cheating in school is a direct consequence of a specific mentality developed in Polish society by centuries of tyranny.



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