My boyfriend Michał is very nice person. Se helps me with my problems because she's very sensible. Sometimes we argue, but I think that is quite normal.
he has the same interests as I have, so we agree with almost everything. We see each other every day, and still aren’t fed up with each other. he is very confident and quite optimistic person. I never get bored with her. he has a lot of genius ideas and she's very smart. he likes sport and watching TV just like I do. Twice a month we go to the cinema. We both like comedies. When we're together, we're laughing all the time, nevertheless when I'm in trouble, she helps me and I can count on her without fail.
Michał often wears long trousers and t-shirts. In my opinion, he looks pretty good. Her style is quite unique, because he wears very big sunglasses, and everybody who has met him probably thought that she must like jokes a lot and be very interesting person.
Sometimes, when it's raining, we just stay at home. And even than we still keep in touch by mobile and the internet.
Sometimes we go out together to eat some fast-food to the city center. he loves eating pizza.
he is my boyfriend, and he 'll always be. I see our friendship very good.
I'm glad that I could met her, and that he decided to be my friend.

Myślę ,że jest poprawnie ;)
bylo duzo bledow jak cos ale tak to super dziekuje :)
I have got a boy. He's name is (jego imie). He is (ile ma lat) years old. (imie chlopaka) is very tall and handsome. He has got a dark brown hair . He likes when I often go to walk with him. (imie chlopaka) always helps me in difficult times. I love him very much and I can't imagine myself my live without him :)

Mam nadzieje, ze pomoglam:)
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