Last year my friend from the other town invited me to her birthday party.
I was very happy because at that moment I had very boring holiday.
Every my school friends went to exotic countries.
So I decided to spend one week in my friend's house. There isn't any directly ways to her town, so I had to change the train half roads.
Still I was in a very strange village. There were any shops, and people looked terrible.
The train to my friend's town went away for 5 hours. I had to spend that time in this village.
I was walking throw fields when suddenly I saw a girl.
She was crying, so I thought that she got lost.
When I entered to fields little girl dissappeared.
And than big black raven attacked me.
I run to the tram station.
At the station there was the old man.
When I looked at him he became to a raven.
Suddenly I woke up.
That was a terrible nightmare.