Angielski rozwiążcie mi to zadanie!!!!
Uzupełnij przymiotniki poisujące cechy charakteru tych osób.
2. Henrietta is very _____-______.She always does lots of work.
3. Tim is very _____.Everything in his room is in the right place.
4. Sue is ______. She finds it hard to talk to pepole.
5. Quentin is very _________Sometimes you don't know he is there.
6 Gina is very ____. She often gives presents to her friends.
7 Paul is very __________. He slways says 'Please' and 'Thank you'.
8 My brother is very ______. He always tells me what to do.
9 Laura is very _________. She never says bad things about her friends.
10 Harry is very ______. He never tells lies.



2. hard-working .
3. pedantic ?
6. generous
7. nice
9. loyal