One evening, slept in my friend. We tell each other scary stories about ghosts, spirits, strangers. Ok. about 23:59 and 59 seconds, Victoria, heard something in the attic. I was very brave so I went to check what. And since we are close to the attic, I made a few steps and I was on the spot. First, I noticed a rocking horse, which chuśtał in this, and in that direction. Do not be startled, I was not alone in the house, because a few steps from our room is a room of their parents. I began to fear, but walked away. I noticed a shadow on the wall that was not mine. I was afraid, so I shouted, I turned around and there and my parents: Paulina, Victoria, Zuza and Ola. Looked at me with astonishment, as if I was a recluse. We went all down my cup of tea, and We slept on, but so frightened that u. .. parents. Mom and dad moved to the second bed, and we in the five We slept in their bed. On the second day, I went to see if there is no there & dad, but it was only a card: "We went to a children's home, offered to drive horse. Keep up-mom and dad." I was not afraid now, but I heard the sound. As if someone swing the horse, the one whom I saw yesterday. I went away, and there white spot and fled through a window. From tad afraid of everything, and sleep with their parents. xD