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Dear Madam
I am writing to reply to your advertisement. I am a receptionist and I was working two years in a "London Hotel". Now it is closed and I am looking for another job.
I found an advertisement in a newspaper and I decided to write to you. I would like to apply for this job because I want to earn some money to study at the university. In my opinion it is a very interesting offer.
My profesional experince includes working in a "London Hotel" and an youth hostel "Teenagers". Moreover I have always interested in new computers technologies.
My reason for appyling is that I am hard working, ambitious and responsible. I am also open and easy going. I love talking and spending time with people. I think it is very important in my job.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you want I can ask my last boss for references.
Yours faithfully



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Oczekuję na kontakt z Państwem wkrótce. Jeśli chcesz, mogę zapytać mojego ostatniego szefa o referencje.
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