Christmas traditions in Poland

The first star, beautifully adorned Christmas tree and the wafer is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. It is important to know these characters and their associated traditions.

First Star

It is a symbol of the Christmas star, whose appearance was accompanied by the birth of Jesus. Thanks to the shepherds, the Three Kings could reach the place of birth of the Savior. Today we await the first star, which appears in the Christmas sky. Only when it can shine, according to tradition, sit at the table and divide the wafer.


Took its name from the Latin word oblatum and say as much as the offering. This is nothing but a thin piece of baked wheat flour and water. Appear on the images associated with Christmas. Sharing the bread has its roots in pagan traditions. With time, it passed permanently to the Christian traditions, and today we share the wafer before the Christmas Eve supper, we make a wish. Wishes that we make each other when sharing the wafer should be sincere, forgive myself all blame to sit down to dinner, and reconciled with pure hearts.

Hay Christmas

We put them under a white cloth on the table at which we eat Christmas Eve dinner. Of course, symbolizes the place in which Jesus came into the world - crib and hay, which lay at birth.

Christmas Tree

Usually dressed in a Christmas Eve or 23 December. Once they were adorned bundles of hay or branches. With time, the habit of bringing home and dress in a variety of pine tree ornaments, moved from Germany to other Christian countries. Decorations for Christmas trees should be linked to the symbolism of Christmas, and on its top hangs a star-shaped bombka Bethlehem. Once hung apples, which are likely to symbolize the biblical parable of Adam and Eve, now apple replace glass baubles. Green tree is a symbol of life and the birth of the Savior. Christmas lights should light the first time only after the emergence of the first stars.


They begin to sing at the Christmas table. These are songs that tell the Nativity of the Lord. Their name comes from the Latin - calendae, which meant the first day of the month. The first "carols" were sung by the Romans in the solemn celebration of the first of January, then took the habit of singing songs of the Christians to celebrate Jesus' birth. The oldest Polish carol is "Healthy or angelic king," and comes from around 1420.


Enjoyable, for many, Christmas custom. Today they are mostly associated Christmas. Originally, the custom was associated only with a Saint. Nicholas, now, for Luther, we assume that these are gifts from the little Jesus.

Midnight Mass

Traditional Mass celebrated on the night of 24 to 25 December. It symbolizes the watch of shepherds at the manger of Jesus. Participate in it together with your loved ones. is the most important moment during Christmas.