1 of coffee-cup
2.of milk-bottle
3.of sugar-packet
4.of mineral water-bottles
5.of orange juice-carton
6.of chocolates-cup
7.of eggs-packet
3 4 3
Cup of coffee
of milk-glass / carton
of sugar-package / spoon
of mineral water bottle
of orange juice-glass / bottle / can / box
of chocolates-plate
of eggs-spoon
1 5 1
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 of coffee- a cup, a jar
2.of milk- a carton, a bottle, a glass
3.of sugar- a cup, a bag, a pack
4.of mineral water- a bottle, a glass
5.of orange juice- a bottle, a glass, a carton, a liter
6.of chocolates- a box
7.of eggs- a dozen, a box