Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day while shopping in fairies passed by, I noticed that this woman looks very strange to me. Finger showed that I had come to her. But I pretended that I did not see and went on.
A few weeks later I decided to go to the fairies. Entering there, she greeted me by saying to me after the walk at all, its not I presented. A little scared, but I went ahead and sat down on a chair opposite her. There were awfully strange, like in the movies has become the center of the ball, and from time to time appeared something in it. Then she took my hand and I began to prophesy. She told me that I was lucky because I win in toto aileron. But that my family life will no longer be so happy because I had a sick child.
After this visit, we are very happy that I win the lotto toto, but it worried me, unfortunately my family's future. So I decided to go to another fairy to tell me something more. The next day I went to another, but she told me completely different things. Quite the opposite of the previous forecaster. Starting from there I found that it is everything as the first and second fairy told me this is not true and he laughed to myself that I was so stupid to go to them.