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Present Simple:
1.Tom goes to school every day
2.She washes her car in that car-wash
3.He boxes these products on that machine.
4.She watches TV in the evenings
5.He dresses like a clown
6.Mike often searches web directories for websites providing relevant information.
7.He stays in this hotel every summer.
8.She buys a lot of things in this store
9.He prays a lot.
10.Meggy often buys things in lingerie stores.
11.He tries and tries and nothing comes out of it
12.She cries like a baby.
13.My father works in an office.
14.My best friend wont's to be a dancer
15.I often see my friends after school
1.I am doing my homework now.
2.I am sitting on the chair now.
3.He is drinking beer now.
4.They are closing the book now.
5.You are eating breakfast.
6.He is opening the door
7.I am goi ng home
8.They are closing the book.
9.I am learning English every day
10.John is reading a newspaper.
11.She is waiting for friend
12.We are having a tea in the garden
13.We are flying to Berlin on Monday
14.I'm reading a great book this week.
15.My familly are going to the seaside this summer
1.John has found two brand new digital cameras in this shop!
2.I have finished!
3.The police have arrested two dangerous criminals
4.She has forgotten his name
5.I have found his telephone number.
6.She has closed the door.
7.It has started raining.
8.Someone has taken my bag.
9.They have changed their plans.
10.I have made a sandwitch
11.I've eaten dinner
12.I've lost my keys
13.I've had my hair cut
14.She's broken her leg
15.He has written 10 novels
Mam nadzieje ze pomoglem i licze na naj
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Present simple:
i usually go to school at 8 o'clock
spring always starts on 21 march
what time do you usually have breakfast?
my sister doesn't like football.
my sister always borrow my clothes.
i like chocolate.
we have dinner at about 4o'clock every day.
she usually wakes up at 6.
we love listening to music
she likes sunbathing.
he lives in small flat.
i meet them every day.
he goes to bed at about 10.
i do the ironig every saturday.
we love you.

present continous:
they are playing in the garden at the moment.
he is working very hard this morning.
ben is helping me with my homework right now.
i am playing football now.
today she is schopping in town with friend.
i am talking abot you at the moment.
we are studying at home this evening.
i am doing my homework now.
we are sleeping.
they are playing volleyball.
she is cleaning her car in this moment.
you are reading a fantastic book.
i am writing a mail for my friend
she is looking wonderfull today.
i am going to the cinema.

present perfect.
i have lost my rucksack.
she has gone in town with stella.
i haven't had breakfast.
they haven't done their homework.
we haven't seen him.
he has left his book at home.
he hasn't worn it yet.
she has passed her exams.
i have hurt my finger.
he has twisted his ankle.
she has broken her hand.
have you ever been to australia?
i have already seen this book.
i haven't seen this film yet.
heve you done the dusting ?

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