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Dear ..... ! (imię koleżanki)
Recently I organized at my house party to celebrate Valentine's Day we had a wonderful until someone does not beat the glass in the living room .. parents only found out when I said that on any party in their house will not agree. Apart from this unfortunate glass at 23 to a neighbor knocked on the door, he was very nervous and told us to subdue the music or else call the police. However, in spite of everything was just great pity that you do not you could be there. Yours and I am waiting for a response.
Road Kate!
Hi. We did not it to see one another long ago and did not it speak therefore it writes. I miss for you very. I hope from soon it will see was. It writes because I wanted you to tell what it was been on time on ostatniej event at Tomka. Speech was wished you cool party from cie niebyło. In spite good party niebyło oneself trouble-free and barges hehe. Mute notion how oneself this stood there now Adam broke in room pane where we sat, Tomek was very bad and hereinto about hour 23.00 neighbour neighbor tomka came to to ask about turning down music speech you tomek he was really bad details I will tell you it how it will see was was ! I hope from quickly you will answer I Pozdrawiam Ewa
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