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Raptusiewicz old man reflects on those profits which would bring him to marry Clara, but concludes that Clara is too young and no one can vouch that love forever and he will be faithful. Manager confirmed his doubts at home, Dyndalski. Thus the old man he considered another idea that will hit the Konkury to Podstoliny, because she is a widow in the appropriate age for him, and besides has a much more significant assets, no, and believes that such an experienced woman will not come to a head of entertainment, which Czesnik He did not like.

Comes to them in the score Papkin, which Czesnik boasting the banter. Papkin talks fast and colorful, Czesnik can not silence him, and once he succeeds, he begins to tell Papkinowi, which is a bad neighbor is a notary Milczek. Mentions that he could kill him, poison, but did not want to waste your life, and therefore came up with that in a world accustomed Papkin serve him for Members and will travel to Regent house to present him his request. Papkin is also an expert on the label as a social and moral, to present plans Podstolinie Matrimonial Raptusiewicz. Meanwhile, the head Papkin born the idea that the old man to marry Podstolina, and he will understand to be his wife Clara, wychowanicę old man. When he meets with Podstolina, accuses her compliments, to finally throw away from each other that it intends to seek Czesnik about her reasons, but Podstolina responds that it disagrees. Papkin from the old man learns that the notary Milczek plans to fix border wall, which means open war. Papkinowi tells people to gather and to hinder the work of the wall.

Meanwhile, in the gazebo meet Clara - niece old man and Albert - the son of Regent, who contrary to the strife between their families are in love and plan a future together. Wenceslaus tells his beloved of his longing, and when they split up when he can not see. Clara throws him that each of their meeting ends with some new demand on the part of Bohemia, but the request for permission to kidnapping her and taking up secretly considers the total exaggeration. Split, because I hear some noises, and it is Papkin arrived with his men and a foreman, and asks workers to take time out from repairing the wall. But they did not hear Papkin, who called them dumb mob. In the window appears, and outraged by notary demands explanation. Śmigalski inform him that his master, Czesnik Raptusiewicz do not wish to any repairs to the wall. Appears almost at the same time, also in the window, and both antagonists Czesnik start shouting abusive words to each other, quarrel. Śmigalski and his men enter the wall, after a short struggle they all split, and then Papkin comes from hiding and pretending great hero, shouting threats against the absent workers.

Waclaw appears and tells Papkinowi taken prisoner. Both go to the old man home, where Papkin emphasizes its prowess in the fight with the workers, but is ridiculed by the old man, who saw the whole event from the window. Papkin but as evidence of his courage shows a prisoner, whose Czesnik not want and return it to the house. Waclaw establish a call and suggest forgetting mutual injuries, but Czesnik indignant, cuts off the conversation and leaves. Papkin, the rest of Albert alone, starts again enumerate its advantages. As a generous man, for a small fee, promises Waclaw freedom, but is not thought of this proposal and take the old man remains in the house. Preference is given to Papkinowi that loves Clare. Buzzing purse argues the need to become a home the old man. Papkin observe the betrayal of secrets.

When Clara meets Wenceslas in his house is a bit horrified, but agrees to the ruse and Wenceslas counts also help Podstoliny, who had just promised to hand Cześnikowi. It turns out that Waclaw and Podstolina know from past years, because Albert, as a student, frequented the sophisticated societies, which is also frequented Podstolina even podkochiwał in it. Explained by the fact that he had entitle the prince, but did so to arouse more interest in the opposite sex. Podstolina counts, with their love affair will continue, but Waclaw explains that she forgot about that incident because it was just crazy mistakes of youth. Podstolina is horrified when he learns who he really is Albert, but because they crush on him still, it is suggested to him that he hid in his bedroom. Not knowing that Clara and Albert love, tells Clare silence. This, not knowing the intentions Podstoliny, believes the whole situation as comic.

Papkin meets Clara and offers her his services, talks about his love for her, but Clare's ironic to pompatycznych expression. The old man confides Papkinowi with Podstolina promised him her hand, speaking also on Regent hostage. Regent Papkin sends to the one on his behalf, challenged him to a duel. Papkin not feel like an embassy, but convinces him sutej promise of payment. At the same time notary plans to the court summons the old man and urged masons for false testimony. Also plans to marry Waclaw Podstolina to prevent the marriage of Clara.

His thoughts interrupted Papkin, who comes from a challenge to a duel, to be held in the Black Forest. Comes to meeting with the Regent Podstolina which Milczkowi said they were likely to be his sons and tells Papkinowi pass Cześnikowi that their marriage plans are already outdated.

Meanwhile Czesnik issue regulations regarding the adoption of the occasion of his marriage with Podstolina and is very disappointed by the news that broke off the engagement. Papkin Czesnik suggestion is that the notary, treating him with wine, he could insidiously poison, writes down a testament, in which all your debts saves kindly friends. While the old man devises a plot and wants a ruse to lure his Wenceslas. Dictates a letter to the Wenceslas Dyndalskiemu allegedly written on behalf of Clare. Art of letter writing has proved to be too difficult for Dyndalski, so send the maid tells Czesnik Rose, lured by Wenceslaus to his house.

When there is a Waclaw, Clare complains that his father wants to marry him Podstolina. The old man to thwart the enemy plans, orders and Waclaw Clara to get married immediately. At home, the old man appears and tells Dyndalskiemu notary as Czesnik did not appear to duel with him, but heard cheers in honor of the young state dopytuje what this means. The rumor that the wedding of his son, was speechless, but soon comes to reconciliation. Notary association bless Clare and Wenceslas also reconciles with Cześniki