Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Don't run between the tables
Don't eat at the lesson
Don't talk while the teacher is speaking
Don't draw useless things in your notebook
Don't drop the rubbish on the floor

You must listen to the teacher
You must write the notes in your notebook
You must sitting only on your chair
You must listen with attantion when the teacher lets something from CD
You must be nice for another sudents

; )

nie wiem czy 'must' nie jest za mocne, mozesz je zastapic 'should' - powinienes
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You mustn't eat
you mustn't talk
you mustn't walk
you mustn't smoke
you mustn't use a phone

you must listen to teacher
you must write
you must to think
you must to have a book
you must do your homework
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Don't talk.
Don't walk
don't write
don't write topic of the lesson
Don't dance.