Pilneeee [!][!][!][!] napisac na temat swojego komputera :/ z góry dziękujee

On pairs, tell each otcher about a computer you use. What do you use your computer for ?

np.I've got a webcam but I havn't got a scanner. I usually use my computer to chat online.

proszee to musi byc minimum 7 zdan i góry dziekuje



I use my keyboard to play games and to write my homework. I really like play games. And I use a joystick to play too. I have a good screen because it's big. I like my mouse. It's small ang comfortable. I like draw in ppaint program. All of my pictures I prine by using my printer. Sometimes I speak to my friends by usinga speaker. Amd we see eachother in webcam.

Proszę bardzo :)