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Dear Sandra
One of my friends has started acting quite strangely. She's always looking for money and she sometimes misses school. She's going out with a guy, Steve who I don't know very well. Steve doesn't speak to me when the three of us are together and he looks at me very angrily.
I don't really know what's happening. What's your advice?



Dear Clare
If I were you, I wouldn’t be too worried about this. Have you thought this guy is a bad influence for your friend?
Obviously, If I were you I would talk to your friend as quickly as possible. You must give advice, because if Steve is a bad guy, he can hurt the feelings of your friend, and he can injure her.
Ask for the boy, and how does she feel when she’s with Steve. Maybe she’s scared of Steve. I don’t know. You should talk to her.

Mam nadzieję, że pomogłem xD
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