I am interested in social dancing. I like most English waltz. Is very nice and rhythmic. The movements are simple, rhythmic, and some are similar to movements in the cylinder of Vienna. I get a lot of dancing awards in various tournaments. English Waltz is a quiet dance with tilted. It is very important that the partners were to one another Tune and banter with each other. You can only enough time for success. This is my favorite dance of life.
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My hobby is dancing.
I like to dance.
My favorite dance is a romantic ballet and dance

Sorki Że tak mało ale nie miałem czasu
I've got a lot of hobbys such as :singing,drawing and swimming.But dancing is the biggest one!!I love it.This is what I do when I'm in a bad mood and when I'm happy.This is the way of my life!!!I feel it and I need it.When I'm dancing I can forget about everything.
This is the part of me;)

I hope you enjoy it;)
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