?Newsweek? is one of the most famous American newspapers. There are many different sorts of articles from sport to politics. Everyone finds there something interesting for themselves. Also at school teachers can take advantage of them.
The Top Chairman and Editor-in-Chief is Richard M. Smith and the editor is Jon Meacham. Thanks to them ?Newsweek? is so famous and looks like that. They are responsible for weekly coming out this newspaper. This two men care about something to read. Thanks to big selection we can use at school in learning English and consequently other subjects.
The main articles in ?Newsweek? are about politics, business, economy or world?s news. But we can also find there about science. Reading these articles has two important advantages. We learn new, specialist vocabulary and discuss contentious issues.
In the last number there was an interesting article from biology. I read it and it is true that I had problems with understanding but with a dictionary it was easier. Now I am wiser about one topic.
Of course the others can have bigger problems with clear understanding. But everyone knows the proverb ?practice makes perfect?. We can read one article repeatedly to time when it is comprehensible.
On the market there are lots of different, interesting and useful newspapers, we have a big choice. But I think ?Newsweek? the best of them. We find many various reports on every topic which interest us. I thoroughly recommend Newsweek for reading at schools.