Dumbledore takes Harry from the Dursleys, at the same time informing him that after the death of Sirius Black has inherited a house that some time was the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. And Ron and Hermione Harry discovers that Draco Malfoy is this year a mysterious mission to accomplish. In school, it appears that a new teacher, Professor Slughorn, to teach potions have a job as a teacher of defense against the Dark Arts received Snape. Harry is torn between the duties of responsibilities of team captain, track Dracon Malfoy, individual lessons with Dumbledore, during which explores the life story of Lord Voldemort and the secret of his immortality, and his own studies of the old manual hand-written notes from a mysterious Half-Blood Prince. Meanwhile, the wizarding world at war with the Death Eaters, and the young heroes are entering the age of intense romance. Fighting traps zastawionymi by Voldemort Dumbledore weakens when the school needs it most. Draco Malfoy Albus Dumbledore was killed. Did not. Severus kills the director, and then escapes from the Death Eaters.