Mam do napisania notatkę na temat ulubionego filmu. Muszą znajdować się w niej odpowiedzi na poniższe pytania:
-what's it called?
-who wrote it?
-who directed it?
-who starred in it?
-who are the main characters?
-where does it take place?
-what's it about?
-why do you like it?
Najlepiej, aby był to jeden z tych filmów:
-Slumdog. Milioner z ulicy
-Wrota do piekieł
-nienarodzony(the unborn)
-gran torino
-nie zadzieraj z fryzierem
-dzień w którym zatrzymała się Ziemia
Proszę o pomoc!!!



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My favorite movie.
I am a person who likes to watch movies a lot. I do not have his favorite film genre, I like to watch any movie. However, as soon as I saw "Scream" has become my favorite film of the thriller genre. I watched the first part but the continuation of the "Scream II" and "Scream III" did not like me as much as the first part. This could be related to the unwritten rule which should be a film fan anyone to know for whom I think too. This rule says that continuations are generally less exciting than the first part. "Scream" is a horror film, which means that there is a lot of bloody scenes. In the movie there is many well-known and popular actors, including David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox. Do not forget also about Drew berrymore, which indeed occurred only at the beginning of the film as the first victim of the murderer, but his person was honored by an already very good film. Film romance between David and Courtney Cox Arquette moved from the screen to the real world when she was shot and the third part were already married. Fitting to mention also the director of this wonderful work which undoubtedly is "Scream." Wes Craven is one of the best directors of horror films in Hollywood. His work related and still relate very successful. As USA Today wrote, "horrendous good job Wes Craven." Without hesitation I recommend this movie to people who are not afraid of anything. Action "Scream" is set in a small town where a serial killer prowling. Their victims from among local school children, but not random people despise. For most of them calling, offering a quiz from the knowledge of popular horror films. Unfortunately, when the caller makes a mistake for him begins with horror. The film keeps you in suspense until the last minute, and surprising twists do not allow the unmasking of the murderer. I am watching this movie for the first time I sat on tenterhooks, fearing what will happen for the moment. I guess that is what made me this thriller as I liked.