A Secretary - Person, which (who) gets back phones, it serves coffee chief
a doctor- Person, which (who) cures people
a mechinac- Person which (who) repairs e.g. cars
a police officer -Person which (who) tackles thief
a nurse -It helps physician, it makes injections
a shop assistant -Person which (who) counsels in store
a vet -Physician of animal
ahair dresser - ??
A Secretary - sb who helps the boss at the office
a doctor - sb who cures people
a mechinac - sb who repairs for ex. cars
a police officer - sb who chases after burglars, pickpockets, etc.
a nurse - sb who takes care of patients in hospital
a shop assistant - sb who helps sb's boss in selling goods at the shop
a vet - sb who cures animals
a hair dresser - sb who cuts sm's hair
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A secretary is a person who picks up the phone in an office.
A doctor is a person who cures people.
A mechanic is a person who fixes cars.
A police officer is a person who make sure people obey the law and investigate when they do not.
A nurse is a person who look after people in hospitals.
A shop assistans is a person who can make your choose easier in the shop.
A vet is a person who cures animals.
A hair dresser is a person who makes your hair look better.