W każdą lukę wstaw jeden wyraz , tak aby otrzymać logiczny , spójny i poprawny tekst. To zaledwie 6 słów.:)
Ellen ,
1.______for agreeing to meet Kasia at the airport.I have classes till 4:30 and I can't miss 2______.Kasia is arriving at the airport at 4:35. I'm not sure if you remember what she looks 3______.In case you don't she is short and slim with short , dark curly hair.She often 4______trousers and a jacket.Her rucksack is red and black. I'm leaving a small photo of her.I hope you'll recognize 5_____ easily.
You are 6_____!!!!!
See you.



1. Thanks
2. it
3. like
4. wear
5. her
6. fantastic
1 thanks
2 it
3 like
4 wears
5 her
6 nice ;)