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Napisz list formalny dotyczący artykułu : " Why TV is bad for us ? " . List ma byc skierowany do autora tego artykułu. Podaj w nim swoja opinie dotyczącą :
a) TV encourages us to be lazy
b) It often gives us a trivial version of the news
c)We don't use our brains when we watch TV.
d) TV teaches young people that violence is always the best answer

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Sir.
I writing on the awareness of other people as television can be harmful.

TV probably for each of us is a way to get bored, bored as we watch our favorite program of culinary, natural, sensational, etc. But in truth TV is bad for all of us for both mental health and physical activity. Television encourages us to idleness, when we have something important to do and suddenly we see a television program immediately mark off this thing later. Sometimes on television there are stupid people who give us the wrong message. When watching television, our brains do not work - only processes the image to the brain. Young people watch TV all the time which is particularly dangerous for small children who only know the world and cartoons often show that violence is the only solution for each of the smallest matter. From the physical television corrupts our eyes - looking repeatedly at the screen, frowns us back - through the seat all the time watching TV that time we spent on physical exercises, for example, that would help us. But TV is not just bad things, you can learn from it what is happening in the world, we can learn from the programs of "Discovery" or to win money through competitions. Television is his way of good and evil and we can not say whether the end is good or bad.

Yours sincerely
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