A film about the scam, is one of the toughest competition in the film craft, as is to deceive the viewer, who knows that the creators are trying to deceive him. "Trick" John Hryniak, it may not be the Polish "Ocean's Eleven", but presents itself in this field quite well.

Marek (Piotr Adamczyk) - a true champion among counterfeiters studolarówek, even though its products are nearly indistinguishable from the original, falls and goes to prison. He makes friends with a professor, an educated, elderly man, who landed behind bars thanks to dishonest partner. Chance to regain freedom for Mark, is a proposal from the very top of the political - in Afghanistan, there was a kidnapping Polish MEP, and hard to find additional budget of six million U.S. dollars. The system is simple - Marek produce money for ransom, but instead be grateful to him justice cancel the rest of kary.Ponieważ faith in the word shown particular policy is naive, either in addition to the delivery of the stron plan, parallel realizuje his plan B.

Trick as in the Polish cinema is a very nice film, everything meshes smoothly, nice and pleasant. Maybe a little too smoothly - in fact we get very black and white world where there is no special room for doubt, any decision or to consider its verification. Are bad from beginning to end bad, and a good fan, despite minor disagreements in life, so that find themselves in jail. Politicians are careerists aferzyści and submitting the "green" and partying with the crowd naked hostesses, the national interest. The police turned a blind eye, with the perspective of an impressive lot. Forger and Professor, supported by the comedy duo silnorękiego neck and an amateur magician, the nicest guests in this puzzle. At the end of their motives and non-financial activities are pretty easy to accept, in the case of Mark's love and freedom, in the case of Professor - revenge and freedom.

In contrast to the fluency of roles played by the protagonists, secondary characters (H. Thaler, J. Trela, J. Rozenek) and the female probably missed somewhere on the side. Flattened one-dimensional characters and, unfortunately, it affects the whole and creates a bit cartoon atmosphere, where movements can be predicted subsequent figures well in advance. While Jowita, the daughter of a professor defends inquiry drapieżna journalist, it is a form of Elizabeth wonderful - they buy everything, what he says its brands without a shadow of doubt.

As a result, video creator of "Third" is in many areas exaggerated comic. However, it echoes somewhere deep echoes of both "Big Shu" and increasingly wtapiających the Polish landscape scandals in power. And although the top bar designating the films "cinema of the trick" and "suspect" Brian Singer, and "The Prestige" by Christopher Nolan, Polish film can only envy scenarios to the precision and the drama, it as a background of native art, presents a completely przyzwoicie. Particularly noteworthy is also certainly the music of Paul Mykietyn, and animated the top of a (!), Next to the top of all that I love one of the best that could have seen recently in Polish cinemas.