Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. First of all, parents don't have to share their money between two or more children.
2. An only child can be provided with more things than a child who has siblings.
3. An only child is better educated since parents have money to send him or her to better schools.
4. Parents devote more time to take care of one child. They don't have to share their time between many children.

1. On the other hand, an only child often becomes a selfish and self-oriented adult.
2. Such a child have problems with sharing things with other people since they believe that everything should belong to them.
3. An only child is often alienated in kindergartens because he doesn't know how to play with other children.
4. An only child is usually more naughty at school and it is difficult to discipline him or her. An only child is often spoilt by his or her parents.