Prosze o pomoc.
Mam napisać znaleść w internecie jedna nie typową prace i
Opisać ja po angielsku.(mianowicie.:
-gdzie tą prace sie wykonuje?
-co sie robi
-ile sie zarabia
-jakie trzeba mieć kfalifikacje.
ma to być na około 70 słów.
Z góry dzienkuje i Pozdrawiam.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Singer doing the work on stage one can say that the move may be because the concerts around the world. In this work consists mainly of - it must be nice and clean, because sometimes you sing for several hours. Singers are often so famous for earning a lot of money. To be a singer is not just a good voice, you have to be brave, you can not have stage fright, you must have a thoughtful response because each word can turn into gossip. Also, you must have a good team player, a good manager and a lot of fans.