Aniu !! Ann sorry that yesterday I did not go to the movies with you.But some time my stomach hurt.I had to go to the doctor yesterday.
Przepraszam Sonia :*

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Hey Tom
I write to you because i need tell you about my illness which I experienced.
Well...I get up yesterday at 8 o'clock.Next i eat dinner and get shower.Later i ride by bike to my friend.We ride by bike on trip.This trip was very long, of 20 kilometers.On end the road it was rained. we were wet.We rode very much quickly to home.When I arrived I put dry garments on and I drank the tea. after two hours I started coughing and I got runny nose.Mum dosed for me and I had to lie in bed. very much for me it was bored but somehow I withstood. when I got up the following day I didn't already have the runny nose only cough remained.


To jest opowiadanie o tym jak pojechalem na wycieczke rowerową i po niej zachorowałem :D
Myśle ze pomogłem :))
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Jakoś koślawo przetłumaczone... więc ja poprawie:

Hey Tom
I write to you because i need to tell you about my illness I experienced yesterday
Well..I rode by bike to my friend and went together on trip. In the end of the trip it started raining. we were wet.We rode really quickly to home. after two hours I felt really bad, I had fever. My mum told me that I had to lie in bed. I felt pain in my muscles... I couldn't even move, it hurt so much.
That's why I couldn't go with you to the cinema.

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