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1. Who is the patron saint of Scotland?
a) St. Patrick b) St. Andrew c) St. Thomas
2. Which bears the name of the flag of Great Britain?
a) Union Jack b) Union Volume c) Union Paul
3. Which city is the capital of Scotland?
a) Cardiff b) Liverpool c) Edinburgh
4. The population of England has nearly ... million.
a) 23 b) 50 c) 33
5. In Britain, education is compulsory until ... ... ... years of age.
a) 13 b) 16 c) 18
6 ... is the largest city and port in Wales.
a) Swansea b) Newcastle c) Cardiff
7. The most famous Megalithic team in the UK is called:
a) Stonehenge b) Newgrange c) Tara
8. What is Yellowstone?
a) the city in Texas b) a river in Wales, c) a national park in the U.S.
9. What is the name prestigious prize in film by the Film Academy awarded since 1929?
a) Caesar b) Tony c) Oscar
10. How many stars on the flag of the United States?
a) 35 b) 50 c) 55
11. Which city is the capital of the United States?
and) New York b) Washington c) of Los Angeles
12. Natives of the United States is
a) Aborigines b) Indians c) the Métis
13. Sean is the Irish equivalent of the name
a) Jim b) John c) Jack
14. The highest mountain in Britain is
a) Ben Navis b) Snowdon c) Mount Blanc

To jest tak ogólnie pytania dot. wszystkich krajów. Jak będziesz coś chciała mogę dopisać :) Pisz na PrIV .