Odpowiedzcie na te pytania szybko... Proszę :P

1. What job does Ryan's father do ?
2. How much is Ryan going to earn ?
3. What kind of shop has Theo worked in ?
4. Who thinks Ryan is behaving strangely ?
5. What do Ryan and Theo do at the studio ?
6. What's the weather like ?
7. What are they going to do tomorrow ?



1. Ryan's father is a teacher.
2. He will earn 20$.
3. Theo has worked in Biedronka.(xD)
4. His brother.
5. They're recording new tracks.
6. It's cold.
7. They're going to play football whole day.
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Rayan' s father is boss of a record company.
2. Rayan is going to earn &6 an hour.
3. Theo has worked in music shop.
4. Father Rayan's.
5.Rayan and Theo wash cars.
6. The weater is raining.
7. They are going to look for new job.